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Elasto-Gel Wheelchair Cushion

Soft Elasto-Gel combined with a special resilient foam allows efficient weight disbursement of ischials and coccyx to reduce pressure. Contour design assures consistent body positioning.


Positioning Contour - Gel layer over contoured polyurethane foam forms leg troughs and thigh support contours for optimal leg positioning. Provides a comfortable sitting position with lower extremity control and stability.

Extra Gel Padding under each ischial bone for maximum pressure relief and skin protection.

Super Soft Surface with no crease, seams or other pressure points.

Superior Support, comfort and weight distribution.

Gel Surface acts as heat sink to reduce skin temperature, perspiration, and possible dermal irritation and infection.

Increased Comfort and less chance of pressure ulcers.

Fluid-Proof Cover - Removable, washable.

Cover meets CAL 117 Flammability Standard Handles for easy carrying.

Non-Slip Bottom holds cushion securely in place to prevent accidental slippage or shifting.

Insertable, Plastic Positioning Board Included. Place on the bottom of the wheelchair seat or insert into the cover under the cushion to prevent the "hammock" effect for greater stability and prevention of leg rotation.
Seat Size - 18"W by 16"D
Weight Capacity: 140 lbs
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